Master’s Degree in Social Work is offered with specialization in Community Development, Medical & Psychiatric Social Work, Criminology and Correctional Administration. The course provides a wide range of job opportunities in Medical and Psychiatric institutions, Rural and Urban Development programmes, Literacy Mission, Kudumbasree, National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), National Urban Health Mission (NUHM), School Counselling and in various government and non government organizations in India and abroad.

Eligibility: A Degree from any University recognized by the University of Calicut with minimum 50% aggregate marks in Part –III Main and subsidiary and part I English. Those candidates who have only main papers require 50% marks for main only.
No Of Seats: 20
Semester I

  1. History, Philosophy and Fields of Social Work
  2. Sociology and Economics for Social Work Practice
  3. Human Growth and Development
  4. Professional Skills for Social Workers
  5. Social Legislation and Human Rights
  6. Concurrent Fieldwork

Semester II

  1. Social Case work
  2. Social Group work
  3. Community organization and Social Action
  4. Psychology for Social Work
  5. Theory and Practice of Counselling
  6. Concurrent Fieldwork

Semester III

  1. Quantitative and Qualitative Methods for Social Work Research
  2. Participatory Project Planning and Training
  3. Community Health
  4. Health Care Social Work / Rural Community Development and Governance/ Family Welfare and Population Dynamics
  5. Social Work in Mental Health Settings/ Urban Community Development and Governance/ Child Welfare
  6. Concurrent Fieldwork

Semester IV

  1. Administration of Human Service Organisations
  2. Social Work with Vulnerable groups
  3. Therapeutic Approaches in Medical and Psychiatric Settings / Environmental Studies and Disaster Management / Women’s Development
  4. Social Work Practice with Families / Social Work with Gender Issues / Youth Welfare and Development.
  5. Concurrent Fieldwork
  6. Dissertation
  7. Viva-voce (Theory)
  8. Block Field work

Semester V


Semester VI