The Institute  offers an extensive and comprehensive library, catering to a wide range of subjects and interests. The library covers a broad spectrum of subjects, including social work, psychology, literature, journalism, visual media, and related fields. This indicates a commitment to providing resources for a varied academic curriculum. It's highlighted that the library stocks the latest books on various subjects. This commitment to staying current suggests that the institution values keeping its resources relevant and updated. Periodicals and Journals: In addition to books, the library also offers access to local and national dailies, periodicals, journals, and magazines. This ensures that students have access to current affairs, research, and varied opinions in these mediums.. LISSAH emphasis on utilizing the resources indicating institutional commitment to fostering a culture of learning beyond the classroom. LISSAH with an experienced librarian signifies the importance placed on guidance and support in utilizing the library effectively. A knowledgeable librarian can assist students in navigating resources, conducting research, and understanding how to make the most of what's available. Overall, this description suggests a strong focus on providing an enriching academic environment through a well-stocked, up-to-date, and well-managed library. 

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