About Us


LISSAH is a premier education institution under the management of St. Thomas Province of the Little Flower Congregation of the CST Fathers(172/IV/16). It is one of the leading unaided Colleges affiliated to the University of Calicut. LISSAH has the track record in academic and co-curricular activities. The campus has a unique culture of freedom and academic moulding.

LISSAH is established in 2003  and is located at Kaithapoil in the serene foot hills of Western Ghats in a picturesque setting. The college provides an excellent ambience for education, training and research in Social Work, Mental Health, Mental Health (Psychology) and other behavior sciences. LISSAH offers Bachelor Degrees in Social Work (BSW), BSc Psychology, BA English with Journalism and Audio Visual Communication, BSc Computer Science. and Masters Degree in Social Work (MSW), MSc Psychology, MCom Finance, MAJMC(Journalism) and MA English.

The key strength of LISSAH is the integration of teaching, research, consultancy and field work in order to ensure the best possible learning environment for staff and students alike. LISSAH always tries its best to redesign the life of the people around it and to improve the quality of their life. LISSAH offers short-term training courses for employees of government and voluntary organizations. It also undertakes field action projects, in the field of community development and community health in collaboration with Health Dialogue Kozhikode, a registered charitable society, which is the field lab of the LISSAH. Further more, it provides professional expertise in training field action projects, research and policy analysis. We also offer various IT and management courses.

The holistic development of each and every student at LISSAH is our responsibility. Numerous programmes that promote overall development of the students are organized in the college under the initiative of various students’ clubs and associations in LISSAH. These programmes cover a wide range of areas of both academic and non academic interest such as seminars, workshops, training, paper presentations, poster presentations, multimedia presentations, debates, environment conservation and so on. The Students’ Association organizes Arts Fest, Sports Day, College Day and all other celebrations at LISSAH for the promotion of the talents of our students. The NSS Unit in the college also provides various opportunities for the students to develop their capacities. Apart from these, students are encouraged to organize various off campus programmes that enable them to develop their skills and also grow as socially responsible citizens.