Bachelor of Computer Sciences

B.Sc Computer Science is a three-year undergraduate programme in computer science.

Programme Objectives

  • To develop problem-solving abilities using a computer.
  • To build the necessary skill sets and analytical abilities for developing computer-based solutions for real-life problems.
  • To imbibe quality software development practices. To create awareness about process and product standards.
  • To train students in professional skills related to Software Industry.
  • To prepare the necessary knowledge base for research and development in Computer Science.
  • To help students build up a successful career in Computer Science.
Eligibility: Higher Secondary School Certificate (10+2) in science stream or its equivalent Examination as per the University of Calicut eligibility norms.
No Of Seats: 24
Semester I

  1. A01 Common Course English 1
  2. A02 Common Course English 2
  3. A07 Additional Language other than English
  4. BCS1B01 Computer Fundamentals & HTML
  5. MTS1C01 Complementary Mathematics I
  6. STA1C01 Introductory Statistics
  7. AUD1 E01 Audit course- Environment Studies

Semester II

  1. A03 Common Course English 3
  2. A04 Common Course English 4
  3. A08 Additional Language other than English
  4. BCS2B02 Problem-Solving using C
  5. BCS2B03 Programming Laboratory I: HTML and Programming in C
  6. MTS2C02 Complementary Mathematics II
  7. STA2C02 Probability Theory
  8. AUD1 E02 Audit Course -Disaster Management

Semester III

  1. A11 Python Programming
  2. A12 Sensors and Transducers
  3. BCS3B04 Data Structures using C
  4. MTS3C03 Mathematics III
  5. STA3C03 Probability Distributions and Sampling Theory
  6. AUD3 E03 Human Rights

Semester IV

  1. A13 Data Communication and Optical Fibers
  2. A14 Microprocessors-Architecture and Programming
  3. BCS4B05 Database Management System and RDBMS
  4. BCS4B06 Programming Laboratory II: Data Structures and RDBMS
  5. MTS4C04 Mathematics IV
  6. STA4C04 Statistical Inference and Quality Control
  7. AUD4 E04 Gender Studies

Semester V

  1. BCS5B07 Computer Organization and Architecture
  2. BCS5B08 Java Programming
  3. BCS5B09 Web Programming Using PHP
  4. BCS5B10 Principles of Software Engineering
  5. Open Course
  6. Industrial Visit and Project Work
  • List of Open Courses Offered by the Department
    •           Introduction to Computers and Office Automation
    •           Web Designing
    •           Introduction to Problem-Solving and C Programming
    •           Introduction to Data Analysis using a spreadsheet

Semester VI

  1. BCS6B11 Android Programming
  2. BCS5B12 Operating Systems
  3. BCS5B13 Computer Networks
  4. BCS5B14 Programming Laboratory III: Java and PHP Programming
  5. BCS5B15 Programming Laboratory IV: Android and Linux shell Programming
  6. Elective Courses
  7. Industrial Visit & Project Work (Industrial Visit- 1 Credit, Project Work- 2 Credit)
  • List of Electives
    •           System Software
    •           Machine Learning
    •           Discrete Structures
    •           Computer Graphics
    •           Technical Writing
    •           Fundamentals of Life Skill Education