MSc Psychology

The Master of Science in Applied Psychology is a professional course designed to provide students with a general awareness of the use of Psychological Principles and theories to overcome problems in the areas such as mental health, business management, education, health, product design, ergonomics and law. Applied Psychology includes the areas of Clinical Psychology, Occupational Health Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Human Factors, Engineering Psychology, Forensic Psychology, School Psychology, Educational Psychology, Sports Psychology, Community Psychology, Political Psychology, Positive Psychology, Research Psychology etc. Any candidate who successfully completes MSc Applied Psychology is eligible to work as professionals and researchers in all these fields.

Eligibility:Candidates who have passed BA/BSc Psychology from the recognized University.
No Of Seats: 12
Semester I

  1. PSY1C01 Cognitive Psychology - 1
  2. PSY1C02 Research Methodology
  3. PSY1C03 Personality and Personal Growth
  4. PSY1C04 Physiological Psychology
  5. PSY1L01 Practical - 1 (Psychological Testing and Assessment)
  6. PSY1A01 Community Extension Work (Ability Enhancement Course)

Semester II

  1. PSY2C05 Psychopathology
  2. PSY2C06 Counselling Psychology
  3. PSY2C07 Cognitive Psychology 2
  4. PSY2C08 Applied Psychology
  5. PSY2L02 Practical 2 (Field Work & Journal Report)
  6. PSY2A02 Life Skill Training (Professional Competency Course)

Semester III

  1. PSY3C09 Advanced Social Psychology
  2. PSY3C10 Organizational Behaviour
  3. PSY3L03 Practical 3 (Experimental Psychology)
  4. PSY3L04 Practicum/Internship

Elective - 1

  •           Clinical Neuro Psychology 
  •           Clinical Psychology
  •           Industrial management
  •           Human Resource Development

Semester IV

PSY4C11 Current Trends in Psychology

PSY4C12 Self-development Techniques

PSY4P01 Dissertation

PSY4V01 Viva- voce

Elective 2

  •           Psychotherapeutics - 1
  •           Consumer/ Marketing 

Elective 3

  •           Psychotherapeutics - 2 
  •           Industrial Clinical Psychology