E- Applications in Business

Aims and Objectives

Learn the Importance of E commerce in business management

To become capable of realising the ethical and political dimensions of E Commerce

To understand the value of E commerce in building up the society

Module I

Introduction to Ecommerce- Meaning and concept- E- Business and E-commerce- features and importance- E-commerce- challenges and limitations, scope of E-commerce- Electronic market- produce a generic framework for E-commerce- architectural framework of E-commerce, Web based E-commerce architecture.

Module II

Business Models of E-commerce-B2B,B2C,C2C,B2G, E-commerce strategy, influencing factors of successful E-commerce.

Module III

EDI- benefits of EDI, EDI technology- EDI standards- EDI implementation- security, EDI Agreement- Internet advertising.

Module IV

Electronic payment system- Protocols- Digital Economy- online payment systems- E-cash- E-cheque- smart card- Debit card- Credit card.

Module V

Security issues and solutions in E-commerce- ethical, social and political issues in E-commerce- Threats in E-commerce, Virus- Cyber crimes- firewall And its applications- proxy server- legal framework in security issues.