Media Lab, a cutting-edge facility designed to cater to a diverse array of audiovisual productions is situated at the heart of our campus. This dynamic space is a hub of creativity and innovation, equipped with the latest technology to support a wide range of media endeavors. The lab is meticulously organized into various sections, each dedicated to specific production needs..

The editing suite is a central feature of the facility. Here, you'll find a bank of high-powered computers boasting top-tier software for video and audio editing.Adjacent to the editing suite is the recording studio, a space designed to capture pristine audio. It's equipped with professional-grade microphones, mixing consoles, and soundproofing to facilitate high-quality recordings for podcasts, voice-overs, and music production. The studio's acoustics are fine-tuned, providing an optimal environment for sound engineers and artists to create captivating audio content,.The shooting flooris  a versatile space adaptable for various video productions. The area features a green screen for chroma keying, professional lighting rigs, and a range of cameras including DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and high-end video camcorders.

The Media Lab serves as the creative epicenter for campus radio productions, documentary filmmaking, news features, public service announcements, and more. It's a collaborative space where students, faculty, and professionals come together to bring their creative visions to life. Workshops, training sessions, and collaborative projects are common, fostering a vibrant community of media enthusiasts dedicated to honing their skills and producing compelling content.