Womens Cell

Women Cell LISSAH views itself as a facilitator for young women so that they are able to realise their full potential and exercise their active influence on society to bring about its transformation. The fundamental objective of this cell is to empower and orient women to recognize their true potential and to help them attain their own stand in a competing world. It also seeks to empower young women to attain emotional, physical and mental freedom to withstand the changing phases throughout their life. Women Cell aims to provide a platform to young women to voice their thoughts and opinions and to share their experiences. It also aims at providing personal guidance, legal awareness on specific issues concerning women. The activities of the cell include among other things, engaging students in promoting awareness relating to women in the present social context, information on legal rights policies and counseling support. The women cell workshops and lectures on all issues concerning women.

Aims and Objectives

To develop self esteem and self confidence among women students and staff

To cultivate decision making capacity and to help them to stand for it

To increase awareness of women related social issues,  especially health, employment and gender related matters

To realize the strength and role of women in building up of a mature family and healthy society

Womens Cell Reports