Scope and Opportunities


Media is often referred to as the fourth estate and is an indispensable part of modern democracies. A career in journalism and mass communication can be extremely rewarding for individuals with a passion for stories and good communication skills.One needs to develop curiosity, good communication skills as well as learn the technical know-how to succeed as a journalist. Furthermore, one must also be willing to work hard and take challenges head-on to survive and thrive in the media industry.


  • reporting
  • editing,
  • proof-reading
  • news reading
  • illustration
  • film critics
  • columnists
  • feature writing


Employment Areas

  • Fashion Photography
  • Film Direction
  • TV Correspondence
  • Production
  • Screenwriting
  • Sound Engineering
  • Sound Mixing and Sound Recording
  • Special Correspondence
  • Art Direction
  • Editing
  • Event management
  • Public Relations Officer