Scope and Opportunities

Bachelor Of Social Work (BSW)

The scope of Social Work is limitless as there is a dire need for professionals in the field of Social Work. There are various departments where people can work in, be it government jobs or private organisations or NGOs, the need for professionals is required as India still stares at various problems and solutions need to be brought out to tackle the numerous situations we deal with such as poverty, child abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse, child labour and many other countless problems. The scope in Social Work is bright and there is always a need for volunteers, professionals in a field of Social Work. The main objective here is to cater to the welfare of the people who are in dire need of support in today’s dynamic and changing world.

The Opportunities 

  • Counsellor
  • Programme Co ordinator
  • NGO officer
  • Social Worker
  • Researcher
  • Campaigner


Employment Areas

  • Human Resource Managemnet
  • Personnel Management
  • Family and Child Welfare
  • Urban and Rural Development
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Rahabilitation Centres
  • Correction Cells
  • NGOs