“Entrepreneurship Development Clubs are intended to inculcate “Entrepreneurial Culture” among youth and equip them with the skills, techniques and confidence to act as torch- bearers of “Enterprise” for the new generation


To create wealth and employment commensurate with unlimited natural and immense human resource potential of Kerala by developing entrepreneurship in the youth.

Objectives of the organization

The club intends to provide the students with educational opportunities to nurture new business ventures, in addition to making available resources to assist
students’ business endeavours.
 It will also hold events on the campus and maintain a forum for discussing creative business ideas.
 To educate members on various dimensions of industry.
 To motivate the members to venture into the industrial activities.
 To bring successful entrepreneurs and students on a common platform.
 To induct entrepreneurial spirit in the institutions.. To inculcate an entrepreneurial culture in students.
 To inculcate social virtues, i.e., trustworthiness, integrity, hard work, discipline, honesty, etc. as constituents of entrepreneurship.
 To sensitize students on the real economic and industrial development scenario of the state.
 To make them aware of the unlimted development potential of the state and to inculcate an entrepreneurial culturel in the students.
 To enable them to take informed decision to bring in successful entrepreneur and students on a common platform.
 To familiarize the members with various dimensions of industry to nurture the entrepreneurial talent.