Quiz Club

Quiz Club offers a unique and exciting way to motivate, inspire, encourage and reward students in their quest for knowledge. The club conducts various quiz programmes to develop the general knowledge and current affairs understanding among the students. The Quiz club identify students who have an aptitude for quizzing among the students who join LISSAH College every year and creating opportunities for them to sharpen their quizzing skills.

Aims and Objectives

To create a group of young minds with quizzing talent

To lend hands to beginners and lead them to the world of knowledge

To guide on specific areas of quizzing and encourage to participate in quiz competitions

To encourage and conduct periodical quizzes on specific topics among the members of the club

To promote a fun way to study and in the process help improve one’s general knowledge

To promote a healthy debate amongst participants in order to learn from each other

To encourage students to look beyond their textual knowledge and establish a relationship between theory and application of the learnt concepts