Film Club

Film Club of the LISSAH college aims to enlighten the students about the importance of cinema as a vibrant art form and makes arrangements for the screening of world-famous movies. It organizes screenings of nationally and internationally acclaimed films, engages well-known film experts to talk on the subject and generally helps the students to appreciate good cinema. Students will have the opportunity to explore the wonderful world of film and watch, submit reviews, and enter exciting competitions.

Aims and Objectives

To propagate film as an Art form given by science

To expose the students to the richness and variety of international and National Cinema

By screening good cinema, which is one of the most powerful commentaries on society, possibly we can use it as a powerful tool to communicate to the students.

To emphasize the cultural diversity and value education through the Good Cinema

To conduct monthly screenings of films classics from the world Cinema during the academic year

To conduct only film related academic activities

To develop film books and DVD library for study and reference