Students of English Association (SEA)

SEA (Students of English Association) envisages providing the students of English with a common platform on which they can share their ideas and improve their potentials.

Aims and Objectives

  • SEA gives equal importance to academic pursuit and co-scholastic activities.
  • Some of the established aims and objectives as well as future plans on the anvil are:
  • Improve the language skills of the students.
  • Provide an opening for students into the wide and rich world of English Literature through Seminars/Debates/ Discussions etc.
  • Liaison with the Department of English in other colleges in order to be in touch with the latest developments in the field of English teaching and new trends in literature.
  • Organize Workshops on Theatre and practices.
  • Publish a monthly News Bulletin
  • Conduct activities for Journalism and Audio-Visual Studies.
  • Organize film festivals.
  • Make Short Films/Documentaries etc. for exposure and competitions
  • Publish an exclusive portfolio of Poems, Short stories, Articles etc. under the banner ‘SEA Shells’.